The ottoman may be the piece of furniture you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. Find out how many ways you can use them in your living space.

“When it’s so easy to lie down on my couch, why would I need a furniture item solely for the purpose of resting my feet?” you may ask. An ottoman will reply!

Well, reader, that’s a vast misunderstanding of the usefulness of the ottoman. Think of them as a comfy coffee table, a surprise blanket box, or a grown-up bean bag chair. Does your living room have an ottoman? If not, you may be solving several design and function issues with the simple, but mighty, ottoman.

Here are five reasons you should incorporate one into your living space now, and soon you’ll wonder why you ever lived without (at least) one.

1. It’s a place to rest your tired feet.

Okay, this one’s obvious. The ottoman was designed to accompany a chair or sofa to ease the sitter into a relaxing recline. If an ottoman is designed to match its pair exactly, the look can be unified, clean, and seamless – and it would create one very inviting reading nook or home theatre.

2. They can be used as a hidden storage.

Pet toys, extra blankets or pillows, unsightly cables, remotes or chargers – all of these can be tucked away when an ottoman is designed with a hollow interior and a removable lid. No one has ever said they need less storage, so the versatile ottoman can add additional, portable storage space to any room you place it in.

3. Coffee table no more.

A few trend pieces have come out recently calling for the end of the coffee table – especially when you’re low on square footage. Why choose a coffee table when the same function can be achieved with a much more adaptable piece, like an ottoman with a wooden tray. You get a soft, lush look that can be moved or repurposed easily. And if you’re really concerned about making your space feel larger, add some low legs to lift it off the ground.

4. Make it an ottoman party.

Chairs and sofas are obvious seating options – but if you like entertaining, an ottoman (or several) can be arranged as extra seating in ways that coffee or end tables can’t. They’re casual, but still stylish. And they can be used as easy seating options where chairs don’t work – like in bathrooms, dressing rooms, playrooms, foyers or as a makeshift bench.

5. They’re endlessly customizable.

Ottomans are unbound by a specific shape, colour, fabric, size or height – which means that they can fit seamlessly into any design, whether you want them to simply disappear into an existing piece or stand out as a room’s focal point. If you think an ottoman might be the answer to your design challenges, consider a custom piece from RFP – our individualized design process will make sure you get the perfect ottoman to meet your needs and space.