Nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, 124 Queen embodies the spirit of hospitality through exceptional design and functionality. This project exemplifies RFP’s comprehensive capabilities in hotel FF&E (furniture, fixtures & equipment) – from design and fabrication to installation and logistics. Working closely with the owner, RFP transformed the owner’s vision into a stunning reality, showcasing their commitment to interpreting design intent, exceeding expectations, and delivering within budget and on schedule.

A Canvas for Comfort:

RFP served as a one-stop shop for 124 Queens’ entire furniture needs. This included designing and fabricating all the elements that contribute to a seamless guest experience. From the welcoming check-in desks to the serene spa millwork, each piece was meticulously designed to complement the overall aesthetic of the hotel.

Beyond the Walls:

RFP’s scope extended beyond the hotel’s interior. They designed and fabricated inviting outdoor furniture, creating a comfortable extension of the guest experience onto patios and terraces. Public spaces were further enhanced with custom seating, ensuring every corner of the hotel offered a place to relax and unwind.

A Symphony of Design and Fabrication:

RFP’s strength lies in its seamless integration of design and fabrication. By working closely with the owner, the team meticulously interpreted the desired concept. This understanding translated into well-defined designs that were then brought to life through exceptional craftsmanship in RFP’s own fabrication facilities.

Logistical Excellence:

Ensuring the project’s success extended beyond design and fabrication. RFP took on the responsibility for complete logistical coordination. From meticulous tagging and shipping to a well-defined installation plan, the team ensured every furniture element arrived on-site and was efficiently assembled. This dedication to logistics minimized disruption and ensured the project stayed on track for a smooth opening.

A Niagara Gem:

124 Queen has become a haven for travelers seeking a luxurious escape. The comprehensive furniture package, designed and fabricated by RFP, seamlessly blends functionality with aesthetics. Each piece contributes to the hotel’s inviting atmosphere, reflecting the owner’s vision and exceeding guest expectations.


124 QUeen project serves as a testament to RFP’s commitment to excellence in hospitality design and execution. By offering a one-stop shop for furniture needs, coupled with exceptional design, fabrication, and logistical expertise, RFP delivered a project that not only met but exceeded expectations. 124 Queen stands as a shining example of how RFP transforms hospitality spaces into comfortable and inviting oases for travelers.