This project, aptly named “12 Oak,” puts the spotlight on a custom floor manufacturer and their commitment to innovation. It serves as a testament to our ability to overcome structural challenges through detailed design, cutting-edge digital fabrication, and advanced CNC machining.

The Challenge:

Creating a standalone retail display for a trade show like the Interior Design Show demanded a unique approach. The structure needed to be visually striking yet incredibly sturdy to withstand the constant foot traffic and potential bumps during the event. The tight timeline added another layer of complexity, requiring meticulous planning and efficient execution.

The Solution:

We embarked on a collaborative journey with the client, design firm and meticulously crafted a detailed design concept. This intricate plan leveraged the power of digital fabrication, allowing us to translate the vision into reality. Advanced CNC machining techniques played a pivotal role in crafting the custom floor, ensuring precise cuts and exceptional quality.

Overcoming Obstacles:

While both the fabrication process and the timeline posed significant challenges, our team embraced a problem-solving approach. We optimized production procedures and streamlined communication between designers, engineers, and fabrication specialists. This dedication to collaboration ensured on-time delivery without compromising on the design’s integrity or structural stability.

The Impact:

The final outcome was a showstopper. The 12 Oak display stood out amongst the competition, earning the prestigious “Booth of the Year” award at the IDS show. The award not only recognized the visual appeal of the display but also celebrated the innovative use of custom flooring in retail design.


12 Oak stands as a testament to our expertise in transforming design visions into reality. By embracing collaboration, digital fabrication, and advanced CNC machining, we delivered a project that not only garnered industry recognition but also exceeded the client’s expectations. This project serves as an inspiration for future endeavors, pushing us to continuously innovate and redefine the boundaries of retail design.