LaLa Social House, a vibrant new restaurant and social house nestled within a trendy development, exemplifies the power of architectural millwork in creating a captivating and functional space. This project showcases RFP’s expertise in interpreting design intent, crafting high-quality millwork solutions, and overcoming on-site challenges to deliver a space that is both beautiful and functionally exceptional.

A Millwork Masterpiece:

From the moment guests enter LaLa Social House, they are greeted by warmth and sophistication embodied in the custom millwork. Feature-rich wood grains adorn the walls, adding a touch of natural elegance. Soaring high ceilings, accentuated by the millwork, create a sense of spaciousness and grandeur.

A Centerpiece for Celebration:

A captivating custom wine ceiling takes center stage. This intricate millwork masterpiece showcases RFP’s ability to translate design vision into reality. The meticulous attention to detail ensures the wine ceiling becomes a focal point, adding a touch of sophistication and a conversation starter for every gathering.

Italian Marble Marvels:

The elegance continues at the Italian marble bars. RFP’s skilled craftspeople ensure a seamless integration of the marble, creating a luxurious and durable surface perfect for socializing and enjoying a drink. The combination of rich wood grains, soaring ceilings, custom wine ceiling, and Italian marble bars creates a cohesive and visually stunning space.

Overcoming On-Site Challenges:

The project wasn’t without its hurdles. Given the venue’s location within a new development, unforeseen on-site challenges arose. RFP’s commitment to quality and client satisfaction ensured an extensive site presence throughout the project. This proactive approach allowed for real-time problem-solving, addressing any concerns as they emerged. Through open communication and collaboration with the client and other contractors, RFP ensured the project stayed on track and delivered according to the original vision.

A Raving Success:

LaLa Social House has become a social hub, receiving rave reviews for its captivating design and inviting atmosphere. The high-quality architectural millwork, meticulously crafted by RFP, plays a pivotal role in creating this successful space.


The LaLa Social House project exemplifies RFP’s commitment to excellence in architectural millwork. By combining exceptional craftsmanship with a proactive approach to on-site challenges, we delivered a project that not only met but exceeded expectations. LaLa Social House stands as a testament to the power of millwork in shaping the ambiance and functionality of a hospitality space.