Toronto Beach Club, a haven for relaxation and recreation, exemplifies the power of collaboration in creating an exceptional outdoor furniture collection. This project showcases RFP’s unique expertise in custom outdoor furniture fabrication, born from a successful partnership with Blockplan Studios and Scale Hospitality.

A Collaboration for Comfort:

From the outset, the Toronto Beach Club project demanded a collaborative approach. RFP joined forces with the renowned design firm Blockplan Studios and the hospitality specialists at Scale Hospitality. Through regular communication and collaborative design sessions, the team explored concepts that would not only be aesthetically pleasing but also withstand the unique challenges of Toronto’s lakeside environment.

Weathering the Elements:

Toronto’s diverse and often unpredictable weather necessitated a meticulous approach to material selection and construction techniques. RFP, with its extensive experience in custom outdoor furniture fabrication, took the lead in this aspect. By leveraging their expertise, the team identified materials and construction methods that could withstand the elements, including harsh sun, wind, rain, and fluctuating temperatures.

The Power of Mock-Ups:

To ensure the final furniture collection perfectly fit the intended use and aesthetic, extensive mock-up processes were employed. Renderings and physical prototypes allowed the design team and the client to visualize and refine the furniture’s form and function. This collaborative approach ensured every detail, from seating comfort to material durability, was carefully considered and optimized.

An Oasis Takes Shape:

The final outcome is an extensive outdoor furniture collection specifically designed for the Toronto Beach Club environment. The collection is not only visually captivating, seamlessly integrating with the overall aesthetic, but also incredibly functional. Durable materials and weather-resistant construction ensure the furniture thrives throughout the year, providing guests with a comfortable and inviting space to relax and enjoy the lakeside views.

Collaboration Leads to Success:

The Toronto Beach Club project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in creating exceptional outdoor furniture solutions. By combining Blockplan Studios’ design expertise with Scale Hospitality’s industry knowledge and RFP’s unique custom fabrication capabilities, the team delivered a collection that exceeds expectations.


The Toronto Beach Club project underscores RFP’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of outdoor furniture design and fabrication. By collaborating with leading industry partners, RFP delivered a collection that is both beautiful and functional, transforming the Toronto Beach Club into a true lakeside oasis for its guests.