Nestled amidst the vibrant energy of Palm Springs, LifeHouse Palm Springs exemplifies RFP’s diverse capabilities in hospitality furniture solutions. This project involved the meticulous conversion of a 1950s motel into a modern hotel, catering to the growing popularity of this desert paradise. LifeHouse Palm Springs serves as a testament to RFP’s ability to deliver exceptional quality, navigate logistical complexities, and work within budget and time constraints.

Transforming a Legacy:

The LifeHouse Palm Springs project demanded a thoughtful approach. RFP partnered with the design team to breathe new life into the mid-century structure. This involved supplying a comprehensive furniture package encompassing beds, cabinetry, benches, seating, desks, and all other essential hotel room elements.

Budget-Conscious Innovation:

RFP understood the importance of balancing modern aesthetics with project budget limitations. By leveraging its expertise in material selection and innovative manufacturing techniques, the team was able to create high-quality furniture solutions that met both design and budgetary requirements. Leather and wood accents provided a touch of timeless elegance, while high-performance laminates and metals ensured durability in a busy commercial environment.

Logistical Orchestration:

The large scale of the project, with multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), demanded a robust logistical strategy. RFP took the lead on comprehensive coordination, meticulously tagging and shipping all furniture elements. A well-defined installation plan and schedule ensured a smooth and efficient on-site assembly process. This commitment to logistics minimized disruption and ensured the project stayed on track.

A Desert Modern Masterpiece:

LifeHouse Palm Springs stands as a stunning example of modern hospitality design. The diverse furniture package, meticulously crafted by RFP, seamlessly blends leather and wood with high-performance laminates and metals. Each element contributes to a cohesive and visually captivating guest experience, perfectly embodying the spirit of Palm Springs.


The LifeHouse Palm Springs project underscores RFP’s capacity to handle large-scale hospitality projects. By combining a diverse product portfolio with exceptional logistical coordination, RFP delivered a comprehensive furniture solution that met design aspirations, budgetary requirements, and a tight timeline. LifeHouse Palm Springs stands as a testament to our commitment to exceeding expectations and transforming hospitality spaces across North America.