DIOR is one of the most recognizable luxury brand names in the world, from the high fashion houses of Paris to the Mink Mile of Toronto. Anything that represents the brand of DIOR must meet exacting standards of precision and perfection, including clothes, shoes, fragrances, jewelry, and more. But vital to the DIOR brand message of excellence are the stores themselves, which entice customers to make such high-end purchases.

For the flagship DIOR retail store in Toronto, RFP was contracted to fulfill the seemingly simple, but ultimately extremely complex, project of wall-mounted upholstered panels. With innovative thinking, plus a little science, RFP delivered on time and on budget with its signature style.


RFP was responsible for designing and installing custom upholstered panels, including:

  • A total of 117 panels, cut to size, fitted, seamlessly matched and installed
  • Precise fabric placement to match intricate pattern exactly
  • Scientific solution to avoid changes in fabric elasticity due to moisture changes in weather and season
  • Cohesion across DIOR brand standards and multiple international locations


RFP worked closely with the DIOR, Paris and the Seqoia Group to execute upholstered panels and create a significant

in-store design element, including:

  • Receiving and meeting exacting requirements for appearance of upholstered panels, ensuring brand cohesion across locations and verticals
  • Rounds of experimentation with foam materials to achieve correct look as well as required moisture-resistant properties
  • Collaboration and a mutual desire for perfection and excellence


  • A celebrated key design feature of the flagship DIOR retail store
  • Pristine upholstered panels that will not wrinkle or loosen, all year round
  • Beautiful design that meets building code as well as functional needs
  • Luxury design delivered on budget and on time


Toronto, On
Client – Dior, Paris
Seqoia group