Case Study: Dior’s Enchanting Christmas Tree – A Triumph of Collaboration and Design Engineering

The magic of Christmas arrived in spectacular fashion with the creation of a truly awe-inspiring centerpiece for Oxford Properties’ retail space – a colossal Dior Christmas tree. This project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, design engineering, and the combined expertise of RFP, Park Creative Agency, and Dior.

The Challenge:

Envision a Christmas tree unlike any other – a towering 35-foot giant with a majestic 18-foot diameter. This was the ambitious vision for Oxford Properties and Dior. The sheer scale of the project presented a multitude of challenges. From meticulously hand-crafted ornaments to seamlessly integrated lighting and custom displays, every element demanded meticulous planning and execution. The geographically dispersed team, collaborating across France, Manhattan, and Toronto, added another layer of complexity.

Collaboration at its Finest:

The success of this project hinged on a collaborative spirit. RFP joined forces with Park Creative Agency, combining their design expertise to translate the vision into reality. Close communication with Dior ensured a clear understanding of the brand’s aesthetic and design language. Regular video conferencing and collaborative design tools fostered seamless communication across borders, ensuring everyone was on the same page.

A Fabrication Marvel:

The hand-crafted ornaments were the heart of the design. Each ornament, custom fabricated in a variety of materials like metal, paper, and acrylic, added a unique touch of luxury and whimsy. Integrating lighting throughout the structure presented another challenge. Our team devised a system that not only illuminated the ornaments but also created a mesmerizing play of light and shadow, adding to the tree’s enchanting aura. Custom displays were incorporated seamlessly, creating a cohesive and visually stunning display.

Pushing the Boundaries:

The sheer scale and intricate details of the Dior Christmas tree pushed the boundaries of what we thought possible in design and engineering. Our team embraced the challenge, collaborating closely with engineers and fabricators to ensure every element met the highest standards of quality and safety.

A Mesmerizing Success:

The final masterpiece was a breathtaking spectacle. The towering tree, adorned with exquisite ornaments and bathed in a captivating light display, became a focal point for the entire retail space. The project garnered widespread acclaim, exceeding the expectations of Oxford Properties and Dior. More importantly, it challenged our very own concepts of design engineering, prompting us to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of what’s possible.


The Dior Christmas tree project serves as a powerful reminder of what can be achieved through collaboration, meticulous planning, and a commitment to excellence. By working closely with Park Creative Agency and Dior, we not only delivered a captivating centerpiece but also redefined the possibilities of design engineering. This project stands as a source of immense pride, inspiring us to continue creating awe-inspiring experiences that blur the lines between imagination and reality.