Lundin Mining is a multi-national mining company founded in Canada in 1994. Since then, it has built operations in Europe,
South America, and the United States to become a global leader in base metal extraction. In 2018, the Lundin Mining head
office, based in Toronto, moved to the prestigious location of the 22nd floor at 150 King Street West – and in collaboration
with Kasian Architecture Interior Design and Planning Ltd., unveiled a vibrant design driven by the company’s values of
stability, professionalism and respect.

Central to the function of this new office was to allow for team collaboration, reflecting the company’s segmented areas of
high-level operation. RFP was brought on board to design and execute an energizing environment for breakout sessions;
the result was an exciting combination of millwork, lighting and thorough collaboration across designers and trades.


RFP was responsible for designing, constructing and installing custom 360-degree banquettes, featuring:
• Modular pieces to be assembled and disassembled to fit space specifications
• Suspended panelling
• Integrated lighting features


RFP worked closely with Kasian to come up with a successful banquette solution, including:
• Using existing pieces and parameters of the space to inspire design
• Rounds of testing new modular concepts
• Cohesive communication and cooperation within a multi-faceted construction project, including various trades and


  • 3 custom curved seating pods in high-traffic office zone
  • Striking design to add impressive focal area while complementing surrounding colour schemes, materials, and accents
  • Integrated lighting – both overhead and LED tube along outer rim – serving functional lighting as well as architectural highlight
  • Integrated audio/visual components – screens, remotes, USB ports, etc. to increase productivity within pod workspace
  • Creative use of padding along surfaces to insulate sound without cutting off pods from the surrounding office space
  • Popular and valuable use of space for collaborations and breakout meetings
  • Client feedback: “These productivity pods are the most often used spaces in the offices”


Toronto, Ontario
Client – Lundin Mining Corporation