What is RFP?

What is RFP?

RFP is a custom furniture manufacturing company that operates out of Ontario, Canada within a  50,000+ sq ft manufacturing facility.

Our vision is to transform your custom furniture experience, combining the latest technology with artisanal craftsmanship to exceed our clients’ expectations – always on time, and always on budget.

Within our organization we have: project designers and full-time furniture engineers; dedicated project management and QA departments; procurement specialists; accounting professionals; and field installation experts. Therefore, we have the capabilities to execute entirely in-house. Unlike other custom manufacturers, RFP staff designs, engineers, manufactures, ships and installs all our projects. This allows us to maintain a clear schedule and sustain a high standard of quality across our products.

What is the relationship between RFP and RFP Design! ?

Early on, RFP realized there is a large disconnect between interior designers and furniture manufacturers. So we established our own in-house design philosophy, and with those capabilities, we work hand-in-hand with external designers to ensure their vision is executed to the quality they expect. RFP created an error-free, collaborative, cost-effective way to transform your custom furniture experience. 

Estimates, Orders and Production

How do I request a quote?
With the RFP online quote request portal, the process is simple. Click on the Start your RFP Design! button at the top right-hand side of the website. Follow those prompts and enter key information about your desired piece(s) and upload any photos, reference images, drawings, renderings, and/or any other pertinent material.

Once submitted, RFP guarantees a quote based on the provided information within 24 hours.

If anything is missing from your submission, RFP will reach out to inquire. And if a request needs key details to be fulfilled, RFP can assist in advising materials, construction techniques, and more to fill in the gaps.

How do I place an order?
Once a quote is sent by an RFP representative, and approved by the client, orders are placed through that account manager at RFP. That manager will create an initiating document outlining the following: terms and conditions, deposit request, sample submissions, drawing due date, and completion date. Once that is approved and signed, fabrication will begin.
Do we have previous examples of work?
In most cases, yes, we do. You can see previous work by RFP on our website, under Portfolio. If you would like to request additional photos of previous work, simply ask your account manager who can accommodate your request. If you are looking for specific examples, we will do our best to provide as much information as needed.
What is the production process?
The process is as follows: The order is confirmed first with drawings and samples, both requiring signoff from the client. Once approved, we then proceed with the frame, upholstery, quality assurance, and finally, shipping. 

 Once placed the order is placed, a dedicated project manager will be assigned. This contact will be your go-to for the following: progress, reference images, site or condition changes, and shipping notifications.

RFP also provides the following for every customer: estimated timeline for completion, project checklist, consistent updates when tasks are completed (including samples, drawings, framing, upholstery, QA and shipping) and progress images.

The RFP process is cumulative, detailed, and individualized. Our attention to detail and communication efforts are unparalleled.

Photo documentation is provided along the process. For instance, if requesting a certain stitch detail, RFP will share a reference image first to confirm the style. Prior to shipping, RFP provides clear and detailed photography for review. 

If a field measurement is required, initial drawings are created first and verified onsite once approved. Updated drawing packages will include field measurements, for which RFP takes accountability.

Do you have a product catalogue?
RFP has a select catalogue of items that can be shipped quickly. These are considered our most requested custom pieces, so the catalogue is an affordable solution for many of our repeat customers. Mostly, however, RFP fulfills custom furniture orders.
How can I get additional information?

You can reach us by email anytime at [email protected], or call our office between 8-5pm EST Monday to Friday at 905-897-1738.

Can you provide rough pricing before submitting a project for estimate?

RFP can provide some general pricing or the costs of similar projects. However, the most accurate way to receive a price is to follow our simple online estimate process. We guarantee we will get back to you within 24 hours of submitting your request, and this will give the clearest picture to determine if the project fits your budget.

How are lead times calculated?

Lead times are typically based on the complexity of the projects and materials required and can range from 10 days to 12 weeks. On projects with multiple floors and multiple installations, lead time is subject to site conditions.

When requesting a quote in our online system, please indicate your desired delivery dates. That will help us determine if the deadline is possible.

Can you meet my installation date?

RFP does not miss delivery deadlines. Our guarantee is if we accept the order, the delivery date will be honoured.

What happens if I am not ready to receive my order due to construction delays?

RFP has a dedicated 18,000 sq ft warehouse where we can store your furniture until you are ready to receive it. The first 30 days are free, after which we charge a storage fee which is detailed in our terms and conditions.

How do deliveries work?

The dedicated RFP freight team specializes in furniture: they deliver, install your piece, then remove all garbage. And you’re done!

If you have a fixed installation, a banquette for example, our delivery team will be on site in accordance with a pre-determined time to unload the piece. Our installation team will meet on site to begin the installation. 

Furniture and Material Quality

What level of quality is the furniture?
RFP creates fine custom-made furniture, produced to commercial designer standards.

Your vision is our business; if you require a budget friendly solution, RFP will manufacture to that. If you require a premium piece with fine detail, RFP will manufacture to that. Regardless of whether it’s $10 or $10,000, RFP will meet both budget and our high standard for quality.

What type of material do you use in your products?
RFP will use whatever material is specified in the request. But we are also experts at what we do – we can share recommendations for foam density, wood species, wood joinery, and more. If you require clarification, simply ask your account manager. 
Can I request specific building materials?
Absolutely. If it’s not specified by you, we do have a standard designer grade composition
What if I don’t know what fabric I want?
RFP has a curated library of designer grade fabrics in a wide variety of types, styles, and colours. Simply ask for our selections and we will courier samples for your review. 
Do you have eco-friendly fabrics and wood?
Yes, RFP works with sustainable furniture manufacturing materials and processes. If your project needs to meet specific credentials, we can offer a variety of solutions and courier samples to you for approval.
What if my request includes wood, or metal, glass or stone?
RFP issues samples for all projects before manufacturing begins. If you don’t have a sample of what you are looking for, your project manager will request some more information about finishes and ship you samples for your approval.

Manufacturing Capabilities

What type of furniture do you specialize in?
We specialize in soft and lounge upholstery, chairs and tables, and case goods (pieces that provide interior storage). We can manufacture custom built-in units or loose drop-in-place items. From banquette style seating, to one-of-a-kind sofas, to custom cabinetry, we can handle it all.
Do we work with metal, stone, and/or glass?
Yes, this is all in our wheelhouse.
Do you specialize in residential, hospitality, healthcare, or commercial spaces?
We have production lines that work with all four markets. Each market uses specific building materials (due to code compliance) and we have expertise in all of the above.
I found my perfect piece on the Internet. Can you replicate it?
Most likely, yes. The most gratifying part of our work is bringing our customers’ vision to life. RFP production staff has endless knowledge of furniture styles and techniques, so we’re here to collaborate on a desired look and design. Not only can we replicate the piece you found online, but we can probably determine the size, scale and construction technique!

Furniture Materials

Can I supply my own fabric, leather materials?
Yes. Simply indicate this on your initial quote submission which materials you are supplying and we will price accordingly. Once a project is confirmed, we will instruct you where to ship your material for fabrication.
If I do not have material, can you source it?
RFP has a select fabric and wood catalogue of materials that meet our predetermined high-quality requirements, which we can offer at a competitive price. Please provide a colour range or reference images, and RFP will submit in-stock fabric samples for your approval.
Can you treat fabrics with a stain guard?
RFP works with a local company to stain guard material prior to upholstery, upon request.
Can you treat fabric so it meets fire code in a commercial setting?

RFP specializes in commercial furniture and we are deeply familiar with fire code requirements. We have a close relationship with a specialized company that treats material to meet code. However, some materials do not accept this treatment, so we will advise if this is the case for your product.

If requiring fabric treatment to meet fire code, please provide the material specification to your project manager. We will need to check its viability prior to accepting the order.

If I have a sample of wood, can you match it?

Yes, this is common. Please send us a small sample of the material and RFP will create a colour and texture match back to you for your approval. Once approved we will proceed with production.


Is delivery included in the estimated cost of the furniture?
Delivery is priced as a separate line item on your quote. 
Can I pick up my order?
Absolutely, you can pick up your order at no cost, and we will help load your vehicle as well.
Do you deliver out of province?
Yes, that is no problem.
How does shipping work?
Your project manager works directly with clients to successfully ship products. RFP will coordinate elevator and freight times and provide shipment measurements and weights – and we do all of the heavy lifting. We offer a white glove delivery service, which means dropping off the furniture and removing all garbage and packaging.
Where do you ship?
RFP ships across North America, the Caribbean, and the UAE.