What is the Sit Test? It may be our favourite part of the furniture fabrication process (our clients’ too). What makes the sit test so special?

You wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes without trying them on first, right? What is the Sit Test

When it comes to an item that needs to be long lasting and well-used, it’s almost impossible to decide what will work best based on an image, rendering, or blueprint alone. That’s even more true if the question of comfort and durability is involved. That’s where the sit test comes in. But What is the Sit Test ?

At RFP, it’s one of our favourite parts of the custom furniture creation process with our clients. Not only is it a way for us to make sure we’re involving our clients as closely as possible into the creative process, it’s also the only way we can be completely confident that the piece we make is going to meet all of their needs.

The sit test is exactly what it sounds like – if a custom piece we’re working on involves seating of any kind, we invite our clients to visit our facility for an in-person tryout of a wide variety of padded seat backs and cushions. You might not think they’re all that different, but at RFP, we love to dive into the details others may miss. For instance, furniture cushions typically use different types of down or foam padding, each with their own unique attributes, pros, and cons (which we’ve written about previously on this blog). You can also mix them together for a combination of the plushness of down and the structure of foam. The shape of a cushion can be conveyed through an image, yes, but the feel is a whole other story. The sit test is key to deciding the right padding ratio for our clients.

The RFP process is built to invite our clients’ experience into every decision through a collaborative, communicative, and open relationship. Everybody wins this way – we know exactly what the client wants, so the client gets exactly what they need. Because the sit test is interactive, fun, and welcoming, it’s a key moment in establishing trust between a designer, engineer, or project manager and our client. It also, of course, leads to a more successful end product.

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