We’re obsessed with design, technology, and working with our clients to make their vision a reality. That drives RFP to be the authority in custom furniture manufacturing in Canada.

Welcome to RFP! We’re so glad you decided to stop by to learn about custom furniture manufacturing

First of all, congratulations on beginning your journey in custom furniture with RFP Design Group Inc. Whether you’re in initial phases of a new project, or you’re experienced with working with custom furniture manufacturers, we’re thrilled you decided to learn more about why we are leaders in the industry.

To lay it out, here’s what you get when you work with RFP:

  • A full design team from beginning to end. We provide our clients with a team of project managers, furniture designers, engineers and any other professional they need to see their project through from vision to completion. The people we work with are simply the best in their fields, and they love what they do.
  • An exciting and simple process. We bring a deep level of passion and knowledge into every step in our projects, diving into the details that will result in the best piece possible. That allows our clients to focus on the fun stuff – dreaming up the big picture and seeing the pieces come together smoothly. Even our online quote portal is easy and straightforward – it’s designed to remove as many barriers as possible to getting your project off the ground.
  • Individualized design, fabrication, and service. Because of RFP’s state-of-the-art facilities and proven project management strategies, we ensure our clients are getting exactly what they envisioned (and maybe even better). No two spaces are the same, and we believe that long-lasting furniture pieces should be equally as unique and tailored to their user. We have nothing but time for collaboration and working together, our client work is what makes this job worth doing.
  • Better bang for your buck. It may be tempting to go the commercial route in the short term because of a shorter timeline or limiting budgets. But RFP sees your project as an investment in high-quality pieces that will stand the test of time. And because they’re completely custom to your space and style, they won’t fall out of trend within the next year or two.

Thank you again for learning more about RFP Design Group Inc. We can’t wait to show you why we’re the Canadian authority in custom furniture solutions.