In the beginning it starts with a vision.  Our best work comes from a design plan that clearly articulates what the designers and architects want the user to experience in the space.  In this case it was to renovate an existing restaurant to create a real ‘beach club’ vibe.  It’s meant to be a transport you to a happy place where you can enjoy the outdoors…safely!  On this project, we’re working again with the talented designer, Danielle Adams. We’ve worked together on a number of high-profile projects and this one will be no different:  Cool, trendy…the ‘It’ place on the Toronto Waterfront this summer once it’s safe to get out on the patio and enjoy socially distanced gatherings with friends.  In the upcoming articles we’ll share the highlights (and some challenges) as we work together to launch The Beach Club.  The next step:  The scope of the project…and it’s BIG!